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GLOBAL Labor Supply feels proud to introduce to you the best services in today’s manpower recruitment industry which is equipped with modern communication system with a team of confident and professional consultants who work closely to your needs. GLOBAL Labor Supply has been a dedicated consulting firm to cope with UAE’s growing need for qualified personnel.


A duly registered and licensed recruitment agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it guarantees the prompt supply of technically competent and highly motivated workers sourced from various human resource centers in Asia and Middle East countries. These centers were the top caliber agents recommended to us by the Ministry of Labors in their country, with training camps and trade test facilities, giving you much assurance of qualified workers complemented by a 90 days medical and performance guarantee period at a very competitive rate.


Being committed in providing the highest possible standard of services to our clients, we are proud to inform that we have already earned the trust and confidence of our homeland and now spreading outside UAE.




Our Company



GLOBAL Labor Supply is an international recruiting agency specialized in quality outsourced manpower recruiting and staffing in a timely cost-effective services through internet.


Our team is committed to work personally to our client’s needs in eliminating time-consuming and expensive search for top caliber talents at very competitive rates through job order matching system, hiring capabilities and deep knowledge of the industry.


We maintained a pool of qualified and skilled applicants on hand to meet future requirements. With international links in Asia, Middle East and Europe, we put the right people at the right place. Our consultants skillfully handle the recruitment and matching process and worked in close communication with the client during the selection process.


We fill in the gap in the market by providing turnkey solutions on various areas of business such as:


  1. Processing of employees’ deployment targeting both international and local markets to build career in various industries / business inside and outside United Arab Emirates.


  1. Providing qualified personnel by thorough recruitment process through series of tests including trade test.


The HR Consultancy (Recruitment and Training Division)



GLOBAL Labor Supply has been a dedicated consulting firm to cope with UAE’s growing need for qualified personnel. It deals with various fields of business sectors covering management recruitment, executive search, HR consultancy and corporate trainings.


Our Local Recruitment covers:


  1. Short listing of candidates.
  2. Presentation of job candidates.
  3. Recording data in a database programmed for executive search.
  4. Interview schedules.
  5. Reference checking of the job candidates.
  6. Training prospective candidates for specific skills like: computer, customer service, technical writing and business correspondence.


Our Overseas Recruitment covers:


  1. Accreditation of the Client Company and GLOBAL Labor Supply in embassies situated in UAE to seek permits to conduct overseas recruitment in specific country.
  2. Presentation of the professional accredited recruitment consulting firm abroad to the client.
  3. Arrangement of the travel itinerary of the client and GLOBAL Recruitment Services to recruit abroad.
  4. Presentation of the travel documents of the selected candidate from the country of origin to any UAE states with the sanction of the company hiring.




Our Professional Recruitment Agents



To enhance more global preferences of other nationalities, we have bridged our contracts with other recruitment consulting firms in various countries in Asia, Middle East,Europeand still developing links with other agencies thru the referrals of embassies, consulates and Ministry of Labors in different countries.




Our Team



Our management team comprises of professional and experienced HR consultants, psychologists and sales & marketing professionals. Other support employees are databank assistant and secretariat.


Our team of experienced business consultants assists our clients in deploying manpower to specific jobs both locally and internationally to base in UAE.







GLOBAL Recruitment Services upholds professionalism by its highest standards of recruitment and corporate trainings required by our client.


The following approaches are conducted:

 1.    Modular Registration by Database Program


GLOBAL Recruitment Services allows the job candidates to register via the computer in modular form by entering basic data about themselves. Job candidates also submit their CVs for complete information.


This modular registration allows records to be fully intact and positioned for strict confidentiality. As we maintain a substantial Talent Databank of personnel under different nationalities and disciplines, we are able to provide details of job candidates promptly and accurately.

 2.    Skills Test


     This test covers: speed typing test, correspondence, reading comprehension, outlining, accounting and other related skills required for an administrative / accounts support employee.

 3.    Trade Test


This is accomplished by the client on the third degree of interview.

 4.    Interviews


Level 1 – Telephone Interview


Basic questions are inquired by the HR Consultant to gain an overview about the job candidate who is short listed. If the candidate suits to the requirements then he/she is asked to come for the first level of interview.


Level 2 – Testing and Presentation of the Results


The job candidate undertakes test and the HR Consultant write an analysis. The candidate is asked to come for the 2nd time and is informed about the results. If the candidate suits the requirements of the client the CV and test results are submitted.


Level 3 – Client’s Interview


Based from the well-written CV and the assessment results the client short lists the candidate and call the candidate for the 3rd time with the assistance of the HR Consultant.


Level 4 – Final interview between the Company and the Client


Presentation of the job offer with the letter if employment to confirm agreement between the employee and the employer.




Aiming to build trust and reliability in our services, we provide different industries a diversified kind of workers like: executive and middle managers, administrative support employees, service employees, skilled and semi-skilled and house workers.


Chief industrial sectors we aim to serve are: banks, investment and financial houses, hospitality and catering and information technology.


Other sectors can be assisted depending on the requirement needs and the number of job orders.




Our Clients



GLOBAL Recruitment Services has successfully met clients’ expectations exceedingly in various categories: executive search, middle/junior managers, and service support workers in various organizations in the UAE/GCC countries.


The variety of the companies (government and private) we have served and still serving range from American, British, German, Australian, Italian, Iranian, Indian, Greek, Cypriot to other sub-continent organizations in UAE and GCC states.









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